Macroscopic Superposition

In the study of the boundary between quantum and classical behavior, understanding the key role of decoherence mechanisms is very important. The remarkably high quality factors attained in micromechanical resonators in addition to their relatively large masses make mechanical superposition states an achievable platform for the study of unconventional decoherence.

The aim of this project is to prepare a macroscopic, massive object in a quantum superposition state with the purpose of testing proposed models of quantum decoherence.

In order to achieve this goal, we fabricate mechanical resonators with extremely high quality factors using UCSB’s advanced nanofabrication facilities. We place our devices inside and optical cavity, and we control and measure their motion optomechanically by exploiting the radiation pressure interaction between laser light and the mechanical elements.

Recent publications

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V Fedoseev, F Luna, W Löffler, D Bouwmeester
arXiv preprint arXiv:1911.11464

Optimal Optomechanical Coupling Strength in Multi-Membrane Systems
DC Newsom, F Luna, V Fedoseev, W Löffler, D Bouwmeester
arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.11384

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Physical Review A 98 (1), 013804

Phonon interferometry for measuring quantum decoherence
MJ Weaver, D Newsom, F Luna, W Löffler, D Bouwmeester
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